About Us

Nina Metham and Rino Piatti co-founded Piatti and Associates Pty Ltd in 1990. The firm has been providing outstanding tax and accounting advice ever since. Our specialities are in the areas of personal and business tax and accounting advice for sole traders, partnerships, trusts, companies and superannuation funds as well as the affairs of the individuals associated with them.

Our clients value the warm and friendly touch, personalising their tax needs and delivered by our team of professionals. The firm is small enough to ensure that our clients are treated personally by an experienced professional with up to date knowledge of the ever changing world of tax. We pride ourselves on providing friendly professional services in an informal, relaxed environment. Our team of accountants each have their area of expertise and skill and are able to provide you professional advice in an efficient and timely manner.


rinoOur Logo

Rino Piatti was of Swiss decent and sadly passed away in 2013. To acknowledge Rino, we have chosen the Matterhorn to represent our business as it symbolises Rino’s Swiss heritage, a mountain of strength as well as a sense of rising and striving. We are thankful for the efforts, commitment and dedication that has made this business what it is today.